Heather Jones

EO100™ Program Director

Heather has been with Equitable Origin since January 2021. Heather oversees the EO100™ certification program for North American operations and manages operator clients, assessors and stakeholder engagement. With over 15 years of previous experience as an environmental consultant focusing on greenhouse gas climate policy analysis, air quality assessment, and carbon intensity lifecycle studies, Heather brings her technical expertise to the team and has participated in development and review of technical standards for Equitable Origin.

Through certification to the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development, operators can demonstrate that they are holding the environment and its people in the highest regard. There is increasing interest of natural gas consumers and investors to drive sustainability in their supply chains and independent third-party verification to comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance standards is an important tool that can help operators demonstrate responsible and sustainable practices and differentiate their products in the marketplace. Heather is very excited to be involved in this changing energy landscape leading to more social accountability and a drive to a low carbon economy. Heather is based in Calgary, Alberta.