Deadline to Submit Comments on Fracking Standards EXTENDED to May 31

We have extended the deadline to comment on the draft EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas, the first independent standards for responsible fracking, to May 31st!

Anyone who is interested now has until May 31st to browse and/or download the draft standards, and submit comments to

In just two months since the initial publication of our draft shale standards, new evidence has emerged linking shale development activities to groundwater contamination, hazardous air pollution, andearthquakes. Our draft EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas standards include provisions to address all three of those impact categories and many more.

Help us set the most rigorous and comprehensive standards ever for shale development and fracking by sending us your comments! No comment is too big or too small; too general or too specific; too positive or too negative.

We’re look forward to hearing from you!

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