Approved Assessors

Equitable Origin maintains a diverse and growing roster of approved assessors who have been vetted and trained in the application of the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development. In addition to training in the content and application of the Standard, assessors possess experience and expertise in numerous areas relevant to energy development and to evaluating social and environmental performance.

Producers may choose to engage an EO-approved assessor to conduct their EO100™ Certification assessment. Alternatively, EO can work with other assessors as long as they go through the approval process and abide by our conflict of interest policy.

Independent Assurance

Independent, third-party verification that energy developers comply with the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development is a fundamental component of our system. Equitable Origin maintains a roster of independent Assessment Bodies that are required to undergo an approval process in conformance with the principles of the ISEAL Assurance Code, in order to ensure their competency to carry out conformity assessments for Equitable Origin’s standards. Equitable Origin’s robust framework for independent assurance provides credible recognition of best practices established in the EO100™ Standard and supports the achievement of positive impacts.

Equitable Origin Approved Assessors


For more information on EO’s approved assessor program or to become an approved assessor, please contact us at or +1 917-677-7671