EO100™ Grading Procedure

Equitable Origin has implemented a certification score for each certified site. A certification score attached to the certificate is important for differentiating Operators and incentivizing Operators to strive to achieve higher level targets and performance over time.

Every Certified Unit will receive a grade that will be attached to the certificate and published in the Summary Report.

Under each of the five Principles, the minimum score is evaluated against the following levels:

  • A+: 100% PT1, 75% PT2, 50% PT3
  • A: 98% PT1, 50% PT2, 25% PT3
  • A-: 95% PT1, 25% PT2, 10% PT3
  • B+: 90% PT1
  • B: 85% PT1
  • B-: 80% PT1
  • C+: 75% PT1
  • C: 70% PT1

A Certifiable Unit needs to achieve a minimum score of 70% under each of the five Principles to become certified. The lowest possible grade is C.

The grading procedure will come into effect on January 1, 2022.

For more information, please read the EO100™ Grading Procedure.