EO100™ Technical Supplement: Onshore Natural Gas and Light Oil Production

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In 2015, two technical addenda were published: EO100™ Shale Oil and Gas Technical Addendum and
EO100™ Onshore Oil and Gas Technical Addendum. Following a standard review cycle of 5 years, we
committed in 2021 to reviewing the two Technical Addenda. In this review, the two Technical Addenda
have been combined and rebranded as the:

EO100™ Technical Supplement: Onshore Natural Gas and Light Oil Production

The rationale for the rebranding and combining of the Technical Addenda was to clarify the
applicability of the Technical Supplement to natural gas and light oil operations including
conventional, tight and shale operations.

Since publication of the Technical Addenda, there have been four certifications for natural gas
producers’ sites in Canada and two certifications in the United States. Through broad stakeholder
participation and engagement, there have been learnings over the past 2 years and a number of areas
identified for improvement that were incorporated as revised or additional Performance Targets in the
Technical Supplement. The objectives of the review have been to ensure that the Performance Targets:

• remain current with recommended best practices that evolve with time and are globally
• are clear and methods to demonstrate conformance are as quantitative and transparent as
• encourage continuous improvement to strive for higher level performance over time by
showing progression from level 1 to 2 to 3;
• are consistent with other global sustainability reporting frameworks such as SASB, GRI, TCFD
and CDP; and
• show encouragement for going above and beyond local regulations.

The Technical Supplements to the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development serve to
add specific Performance Targets under the following five Principles of the Standard for oil and gas
producers seeking EO100™ certification:

• Principle 1: Corporate Governance, Transparency & Business Ethics
• Principle 2: Human Rights, Social Impacts & Community Development
• Principle 3: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
• Principle 4: Fair Labor & Working Conditions
• Principle 5: Climate Change, Biodiversity & Environment

The Performance Targets in the document reflect the expectations of multiple stakeholders regarding
management and mitigation of social and environmental impacts associated with development of oil
and gas resources.

The Technical Supplement: Onshore Natural Gas and Light Oil Production is effective January 1, 2022.
Conformance with the requirements of the Technical Supplement for certification purposes is mandatory
after January 1, 2023.

The previous technical addenda are available for reference: