Bloom Energy Transacts to Purchase a 2-Year Supply of Certified Gas from EQT for US Fuel Cell Fleet

In an important development indicating the increasing demand and marketability of independently certified gas, Bloom Energy is converting its U.S. fleet of fuel cell installations to use independently certified natural gas to support responsible energy production leading to a demonstrated reduction of harmful methane emissions stemming from upstream natural gas production. Following Bloom Energy’s commitment to source jointly certified EO100™ + MiQ natural gas announced in July of 2021, last week , Bloom Energy announced a certificate trade agreement (CTA) for independently certified gas with the largest U.S. natural gas producer, EQT, for its entire U.S. fleet’s natural gas consumption for the next two years.

The certificates purchased by Bloom from EQT represent gas production jointly certified under Equitable Origin’s EO100TM Standard for Responsible Energy Development and the MiQ Standard.  Certification under these standards provides an independent, transparent, and verified method for measuring and validating environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Soledad Mills, Equitable Origin’s Chief Executive Officer commented: “We are delighted that EQT has found continued success and value in having achieved the rigorous EO100™ certification.  Market supporters like Bloom Energy are changing the way business is done and this is driving increased transparency and higher-level performance in the marketplace.  Bloom Energy’s CTA with EQT demonstrates their commitment to supporting high ESG standards in terms of environmental stewardship, social and community responsibility, and good corporate governance.”

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