Seeking Qualified Consultants to Assist Oil and Gas Companies in Implementing EO100™ Standard

As more oil and gas companies seek to certify their sites under the EO100™ Standard, they will require increasing guidance to implement the operational changes necessary to achieve certification. To facilitate this consultation assistance, EO maintains a roster of Qualified Implementation Consultants.

Today, we are launching a call for Qualified Consultants to join us in advancing higher standards of social and environmental performance in the oil and gas industry.

To support industry adoption of the EO100™ Standard, we are building a network of consultants, service providers and advisors who can help oil and gas companies implement the Standard.

We are looking for experts in areas covered by the EO100™ Standard, including social impacts, environmental management, human rights assessments, stakeholder engagement, labor practices, corporate ethics programs and transparency and reporting.

Additional details can be found on this EO100™ Qualified Consultants fact sheet (click to view/download). To learn more about becoming a Qualified Consultant, please RSVP for one of the following webinars or contact us to schedule a dedicated information session.

Webinar: Introduction to the EO100™ System and Becoming a Qualified Consultant

  • Wednesday, February 25th from 11:00am – 12:30pm EST (ENGLISH)
  • Thursday, February 26th at 2:30pm – 4:00pm EST (SPANISH)

To RSVP, please send an email to kthomas[at]

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