David Berrade

Social Impact and Engagement Lead with ABO Wind Canada

David Berrade is the Social Impact and Engagement Lead with ABO Wind Canada. He has a Masters in Community Development and Decentralization and a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in International Management. Having worked for both industry and Indigenous communities to facilitate successful completion of projects, David focuses on collaborative solutions. He has sought to improve engagement techniques, sustainability results and business growth through network strengthening and innovation. He has led ESG company strategy, including spearheading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plans and authoring Sustainability, Indigenous Inclusion, Local Economic and Development policies.

David has led numerous consultation and engagement projects in throughout Canada in the energy sector for hydro, solar, wind, pipeline and oil and gas facilities, including consultation with government, regulators, Indigenous communities, and landowners.

While completing his Masters in Guatemala, Dave managed the United Nations entrepreneurial program to improve business results in micro, small and medium businesses for Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals, working with the Ministries of Education and Peace for specialized programs for children and ex-military.

He has received his Business Sustainability Management certificate from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and serves as a mentor for ‘How to Change the World’ . David is a best-selling author, a youth soccer coach, a festival-selected filmmaker and has been invited by the United Nations to speak on stakeholder engagement.