VIDEO: David Poritz Tells the Story Behind Equitable Origin at GreenBiz Forum

Last month, EO President David Poritz, and Director of Communications Josh Garrett traveled to Phoenix Arizona to attend the 2015 GreenBizForum. The three-day annual conference serves as a platform for various stakeholders within a wide array of industries to explore progress and developments in corporate sustainability and responsibility. GreenBiz, conference sustainable business media company, describes the Forum as a gathering of the leading innovators in the space: “We leverage our vast networks, insights and domain expertise to bring you the brightest thinkers and most influential leaders.” Some of the major sponsors for the event included General Motors, Shell, and Solar City. As a company on the forefront of innovation in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) business, this event was a prime opportunity to showcase and discuss the value of EO’s work.

Poritz gave a 10-minute presentation on the roots of EO and its evolution during the second day of the Forum as part of the GreenBiz One Great Idea series. Reflecting back on his first trips to Ecuador, Poritz explained what initially sparked his concern in the region, “I saw children walking barefoot on oil-slicked roads. I remember smelling the oil. I remember being disturbed by what I saw, but also inspired to come up with a solution to engage oil and gas companies and other key stakeholders to enact change.” Poritz went on to showcase EO’s recent certification of Colombia’s largest oil field, which is operated by Pacific Rubiales Energy. Subsequently, Poritz described EO’s certificate sales system for oil and gas consumers, which he explained “Creates a virtuous cycle where communities are benefitting from the existence of more responsible consumers.” In closing, Poritz left the audience with a broad message of hope for the future of an industry that has long been devoid of robust and independently-verified sustainability standards, and reinforced his opening comment that “Oil and gas development can be done right.”

To see a video of Portiz’s presentation, along with all of the other presenters, visit the Greenbiz Forum 2015 page

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