DUG Haynesville 2023 – Recap & Reflections

Equitable Origin’s Senior Sustainability Advisor, Corey Jordan, attended Hart Energy’s 2023 DUG Haynesville Conference in Shreveport, LA on March 28th and 29th.

I have attended several DUG conferences over the years. Every time I attend, the experience exceeds my expectations and provides a little something extra.

This conference was much the same. 

I expected to see many presentations on LNG: the Haynesville’s location and gas quality (not to mention huge volume per well) produce the kind of economics that have sustained production development in East Texas and West Louisiana through several years of lower natural gas prices. 

There were several great presentations about LNG!

I expected to see a great interest in differentiated Natural Gas. I was certainly not disappointed:  Hart extended the honor to participate in a panel discussion (representing Equitable Origin) with Lara Owens (MiQ) and Steve Wilson (Project Canary). We were each allowed time to introduce our respective certification platforms as a critical part of the rapidly developing RSG Certified Gas market. There was a great discussion about how buyers of LNG desire a certified gas supply chain. 

We are all working hard to do our part to satisfy this market. Although we each have a different approach to our framework programs, the goal is to elevate an industry that is voluntarily taking more stringent steps than are currently required by legislation.

Equitable Origin has been on this journey for over a decade. I am grateful for the leaders, board members, and founders that had the insight to create these roads towards progress – well before ESG was ever well-known or supported by corporations.

This event also brought some surprises: I certainly did not expect to hear so many producers speak to their ESG and GHG emission reduction goals and efforts! Every single presenter that I heard provided guidance around these targets. 

Perhaps I should have expected this. It goes to show how hard people are working. I walked away feeling inspired by how quickly companies are finding better ways of doing things. I also feel that sometimes we aren’t so great at promoting these important achievements. 

I am happy to see this changing. I feel proud to be part of that change through my efforts to help companies showcase their hard work through EO100 certification. 

I know their achievements are part of a better future – for all of us.

-Corey Jordan