EO Certified Gas Supply – Énergir L.P. Request for Proposals

Following up on its RFI, Énergir L.P. (“Énergir”) is inviting suppliers to submit proposals for variable firm gas supply from EO100TM certified sites by June 25, 2024. Énergir invites interested suppliers to submit their offers, which could be divided into multiple tranches.

Proposals should be submitted via email to Énergir by clicking here, before 9:00 am Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024. Please note that Énergir reserves the right to negotiate with suppliers who has proposed the best offers to finalize an agreement. All suppliers are required to have a signed NAESB/Gas EDI agreement with Énergir and meet the company’s internal credit requirements. Deliveries will not be interruptible by Seller for reasons other than force majeure as defined under the NAESB agreement.

  • Location: Dawn
  • Term:   Nov’24 – Mar’25
  • Pricing: Dawn Daily Index FN2
  • Premium USD/MMBtu: TBD
  • Daily Quantity MMBtu/Day FN3: TBD
  • Maximum number of days the nomination can be reduced to zero: TBD FN1
  • EO100TM Certified Unit: TBD

FN1. Énergir can turn back the gas and change the nomination to 0 MMBtu/day for a certain number of days. To exercise its right to reduce the nomination for any day during the term of this Agreement, Énergir shall notify the supplier of such election before 9:00 am (E.T.) on the day preceding the day on which Énergir wishes to modify the nomination, provided that the day is not a Saturday, Sunday or a statutory holiday applicable in either Party’s jurisdiction (such day being referred to herein as a “Business Day”).

FN2. Énergir will pay the Platt’s published index price (Symbol: ENDHA09) “ICE NGX Union Dawn Day Ahead Index” under “(USD/MMBtu)” for the applicable Gas flow Day ± Price Premium in US$/MMBtu on delivered volumes. The weekend price is used for deals covering Saturday, Sunday, Monday and any statutory holidays that coincide with the weekend.

FN3. For nomination purposes, a conversion from MMBtu to gigajoules will be made.