EO100™ Certification Expiry Notice – Pipestone (Strathcona) Montney Development Site

On Oct. 3, 2023 Strathcona Resources Ltd. (“Strathcona”) acquired Pipestone Energy Corporation (“Pipestone”). This acquisition includes Pipestone’s Montney Development Site located in Wembley, Alberta, Canada covering 90,000 net acres in the Montney formation. The Montney Development Site was initially certified to the Equitable Origin EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy on 23 December 2021 and re-verified in December 2022.

Following acquisition of Pipestone in October 2023, Strathcona has volunteered not to pursue EO100 re-verification of the Montney Development Site at this time. As of January 15, 2024, and due to non-completion of Pipestone’s annual re-verification assessment, in conformance with EOP-105: EO100TM Suspension and Withdrawal Policy, the EO100 certificate for the Montney Development Site has expired.

The certification status has been updated on our website and associated registries.

For questions, contact@equitableorigin.org