Equitable Origin joins OGCI’s Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions pledge

Equitable Origin is pleased to announce that its has joined The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative’s (OGCI) Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions initiative. OGCI has secured the support of 17 companies for its Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions pledge, alongside its 15 signatories, as of July 14, 2022.

OGCI, which includes 12 of the world’s largest oil and gas companies including ExxonMobil, BP and Saudi Aramco, launched Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions in March of 2022, aimed at targeting a reduction in oil and gas industry methane emissions to approximately zero by 2030.

Per OGCI, “Aiming for Zero outlines a clear pathway toward rapid emissions reductions for signatories. But they cannot solve the methane problem on their own… That’s why the initiative is open to supporters who can help them to eliminate their methane footprint – and why the participation of companies such as Baker Hughes and Worley is so important.”

OGCI noted that the initiative supplemented others in the field of methane emissions abatement, including the Methane Guiding Principles, the Oil and Gas Partnership 2.0 and the Global Methane Alliance.