Equitable Origin Participates in Methane Mitigation Summit in Texas

Equitable Origin’s EO100 Team recently took part in IQPC’s Methane Mitigation Summit Series for Technology & Innovation in Austin, Texas, in June 2024. Approximately 400 oil and gas operators, NGOs, regulators, academics, and technology providers came together to discuss best practices to measure, monitor and mitigate methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

The EO100 Team shared insights into the growing role and impact of energy certification on stage and on the sidelines. Energy Director Jen Turner was a featured speaker, discussing Navigating the Certified Gas Market on a panel that featured MiQ’s Science and Technology Director, Lara Owens, as well as BJ Carney, Vice President of Geoscience & Innovation at Northeast Natural Energy – the first US-based operator to attain EO100™ Certification for their Certifiable Unit, Monongalia County Operations. The panel discussion was led by Joshua Zier, Senior Advisor on ESG for European Utility ENGIE. The EO100 Team also led a series of workshops at the conference, with Jen sharing insights on Scope 3 Emissions Identification and Reporting, and EO100™ Program Coordinator Viktor Kopić leading a training session on How to Create a Mindset Shift on Methane Emissions.

“At the Summit, a strong appetite could be felt across stakeholder groups for wider adoption of energy certification across the energy value chain, and had the opportunity to reflect on the business benefits that have emerged – but need to be more clearly tacked and communicated by EO and other system providers,” commented Viktor Kopić, EO100™ Program Coordinator. He further stated that, “related discussions on the subject matter of Scope 3 observed amongst some conference participants also indicated that regulators need to more clearly define Scope 3 emissions requirements and responsibilities.” Viktor continued that, “furthermore, over my conversations with emerging sustainability leaders at the conference, it was shared that in spite of progress made, they still feel that they lack an equal voice at the Executive Leadership table, and are looking to energy certification to help level the playing field.” 

The Methane Mitigation Technology & Innovation Summit series is anticipated to return to Austin, TX next year – June 10-12, 2025. For more information on this conference, please click here.