ERM finds EO100™ Program as Energy Initiative with most Breadth

Leading consultancy ERM, on behalf of the Natural Gas Supply Collaborative  (NGSC) of leading North American Gas Utilities, has compared the components of the three primary natural gas certification programs on the market:

Equitable Origin’s EO100™ Standard, MiQ’s Standard for Methane Emissions Performance, and Project Canary’s TrustWell™ Standard.

The report compares these standards across six main categories including Topic Areas, Natural Gas Value Chain Segments, Certification Process, Methane and GHG Quantification, Grading and Public Disclosure, and Certified Credits and Transactions.

This report was developed by ERM on behalf of the Natural Gas Supply Collaborative (NGSC). The authors also acknowledged the review and input provided by NGSC members as well as that of Soledad Mills (Equitable Origin), Jennifer Turner (Equitable Origin), Michael Rabbani (MiQ), and Josh Zier (Project Canary).

Find the full report by clicking here.