Updates on the Review of Complaint Related to Labor Practices at Certified Sites

In December 2014, EO received a letter of complaint from the U.S.-based labor organization AFL CIO. Submission of the complaint, which alleged improper labor practices by certified site operator Pacific Rubiales Energy (PRE), initiated an internal review, performed in accordance with EO Procedures for Certification System Comments, Complaints, and Appeals.

In January, we posted an update on the internal review process and planned responses to the concerns raised by the stakeholders. In March, EO received responses from PRE and from the assessment body that conducted the certification audit, Deloitte Colombia. You can download their statements here in English and Spanish:

EO continues to move forwards with planning local stakeholder outreach in conjunction with the verification audit planned for June/July 2015, including additional training for the audit team and the involvement of an independent observer.

Following the stakeholder meetings, EO will publish an update on the concerns raised and the adjustments made to the scope of the verification audit. In the meantime, the EOS Technical Committee continues to make improvements to the EO100 Standard and a second round of public comment will be announced later this year.

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