EO Gains Recognition With Colombia’s National Brand Label

EO has gained recognition as a positive influence on business in Colombia, in the form of certification under the country’s national brand, Marca Pais. Given that Colombia’s oil productions now exceeds 1 million barrels per day, an amount that has steadily increased since 2008, it is vital that steps be taken to ensure industry-wide social and environmental responsibility. Additionally, the first EO100 certified site is located in Colombia, and is currently the largest producing site in the country. As a proud member of Marca Pais, EO will work to maintain open dialogue with government bodies and the oil and gas industry while bolstering transparency and innovative approaches to responsible development.

The national brand was established to encourage business activity, tourism, and foreign investment through added value and positive exposure. As Colombia continues to experience impressive economic growth, it is vital that sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives keep pace. With EO’s strong commitment to indigenous communities, environmental stewardship, and fair labor practices, it is reassuring that Colombia would choose to associate its national brand with ours.