Natural Gas World & EO co-host “ESG Certification: Pathway to an Equitable Future” Webinar

Natural Gas World (NGW) and Equitable Origin have come together to host an exciting new webinar via NGW’s Gas Pathways platform. “ESG Certification: Pathway to an Equitable Future” is a webinar that will feature Soledad Mills (CEO, Equitable Origin), Vincent Regnault (Executive Director, Gas Supply and Development of Renewable Gases, Énergir), and Marie Jurcevic (Sustainability Lead, ARC Resources), who will be speaking on ESG certification.

Event Description: As the global discussion on the direction of ESG initiatives continues to take center stage, Equitable Origin, ARC Resources, and Énergir reflect on their experience and collaboration on ESG certification. The discussion will focus on the history of the collaboration over the years and how it started, as well as what it has achieved to the present day. This will continue with further reflections and thoughts as to how their collaboration evolves into the future, and what such initiatives could mean for the energy industry if there was wider adoption of ESG certification.

To stay informed up to the latest on this webinar and/or to register for this event, please follow Natural Gas World’s Gas Pathways link here.

Webinar Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 (10:30AM CT – 12:10PM CT)

10:30AM-11:15AM – Session 1: “Journey to a Clean Energy Pathway” A discussion reflecting on the collaboration between Énergir, ARC Resources, and Equitable Origin. This discussion highlights the historical events and reasonings that led to the collaboration between the groups, as well as where the partnership stands at present and what has been accomplished to date.

11:15AM-11:25AM – Break

11:25AM-12:10PM – Session 2: “Natural Gas and The Future Pathway” A discussion on the future of this collaboration and what is yet to come of it. A further look as to what such a collaboration could mean if there was wider adoption of ESG certification industry wide, and how the future of the natural gas industry could look like in doing so, versus its present state.

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