Northeast Natural Energy announces it has achieved certification through the Equitable Origin EO100TM Standard

Northeast Natural Energy (NNE) today announced it is the first natural gas producer in the United States to achieve independent certification of natural gas production under the EO100™ Standard  for Responsible Energy Development.

NNE is a privately owned company founded in 2009 which is headquartered in  Charleston, WV with operations focused exclusively on dry natural gas production in north central West Virginia.

The company began the process of seeking independent joint certification through Equitable Origin and MiQ in February 2021.  NNE continues to work through the MiQ process and expects to receive certification through those standards later this year.

“NNE is helping to lead the way in their industry by not only meeting the stringent requirements of the EO100™ Standard, but also going above and beyond in many areas including transparency, community health and safety, land rights, and biodiversity” said Soledad Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Equitable Origin.

Read more about NNE’s certification here.