EO Founder David Poritz at Hometown Showing of “Oil and Water”

Equitable Origin President David Poritz takes the stage for a Q&A session as the “Oil and Water” credits roll at Amherst Cinema on Monday September 15.

Equitable Origin founder and President David Poritz was on hand for the screening of the film “Oil and Water” in his home town of Amherst, Massachusetts on Monday. Following the screening, which took place at Amherst Cinema, David answered questions from the audience in the packed theater. Many audience members were curious about the progress of Equitable Origin following the time period covered in the film, and David shared the news of EO’s recent certification of its first oil production site. The event was previewed by the Massachusetts news site masslive.com with coverage that included an interview with David.

The documentary film chronicles David’s firsthand encounters as a teen and young adult with the harmful effects of irresponsible oil development in Ecuador. These experiences led him to develop the concept of independent, stakeholder-based standards to improve oil development practices that later became Equitable Origin.

You can watch “Oil and Water” for free on the PBS World Channel website from September 22 to October 20. Don’t miss it!