Rupak Thapaliya

Product Manager at Reactivate

Rupak serves as a Product Manager at Reactivate where he focuses on improving social and community benefits of distributed energy resources through federal and corporate partnerships. Prior to joining Reactivate, Rupak worked at Clean Energy Buyers Association to help corporates maximize the social, environmental, and resilience outcomes of their clean energy procurement. Rupak has also worked at the intersection of renewable energy development and conservation of land, waters, and wildlife, particularly through implementation of federal policies and various state initiatives. Rupak has a wide variety of experiences in sustainability, clean energy, climate change, land and water conservation, wildlife conservation through project and program management, policy research and analysis, and partnerships.

Rupak holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Kathmandu University in Nepal, a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from Luther College and a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Public Administration from Southern Illinois University.