EO100™ Certification Expands to Midstream Operations

The EO100™ Certification program, with its emphasis on the entire spectrum of ESG concerns, has spread across the natural gas production segment in North America. It has promoted responsible energy operations and recognized producers that are exceeding industry best practices. However, there are significant social and environmental impacts throughout the natural gas value chain, and certification can drive positive change further downstream.

As a first step in expanding comprehensive, independent third-party certification, Equitable Origin has created the EO100™ Technical Supplement: Natural Gas Gathering/Boosting and Processing. This Technical Supplement contains the Performance Targets from the Technical Supplement: Onshore Natural Gas and Light Oil Production that specifically relate to gathering and processing and is applicable to operators in these segments only.

This Technical Supplement addresses key areas that are material to midstream operations, including:

  • GHG intensity reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement
  • Community engagement to ensure appropriate setbacks, raise awareness about the risks and impacts of operations, and encourage broad participation
  • Management systems that promote a culture of safety and provide comprehensive safety training for employees
  • Disclosure of methane intensity within the gathering/boosting and processing segments
  • Elimination of routine and non-routine gas venting
  • Disclosure of GHG emission intensity according to the EO Carbon Intensity Quantification Methodology (forthcoming)
  • Evaluation of risks and impacts to wildlife and native species
  • Reduction in toxic chemical use

The Technical Supplement is in line with international standards and reporting frameworks such as OGMP 2.0, IPIECA, SASB, TCFD, and GRI as is the rest of the EO100™ Standard. This alignment allows operators to integrate compliance with the EO100™ program into their other sustainability and ESG reporting efforts. It also ensures that the EO100™ Standard and Technical Supplements remain current with advances in the industry.

Expanding the EO100™ Certification program to the gathering/boosting and processing segments will incentivize midstream operators to continuously improve and achieve higher levels of ESG performance, while also offering the advantages certified producers have already experienced, such as differentiation from competitors and recognition in the market from investors and customers.

Equitable Origin will develop Technical Supplements for other segments of the value chain using expertise from subject matter experts and input from a variety of stakeholders. Certification can have positive impacts for business, government, and communities in all parts of the natural gas industry.

For more information on midstream certification, please contact us.