Why Does Equitable Origin Use Independent Assessors?

Equitable Origin (EO) is excited to announce the addition of new assessment bodies, Environmental Standards and Impact Resolutions, as well as new assessors from Geosyntec, Greenpath Energy, Keefer Ecological Services, and Responsible Energy Solutions. All approved assessors must meet EO requirements for experience and attend extensive training to be accepted as a qualified assessor for the EO100™ Standard.

Independent assurance is key to the EO certification process. As standard setters, EO does not evaluate against its own principles, but instead requires qualified independent third parties to do assessments. Third party assurance allows for transparency, consistency and, most importantly, credibility. Experienced, trained assessors integrally involved in the certification process ensures that sites are evaluated fairly and professionally.

Given that the EO100™ Standard covers a broad range of ESG topics, each assessor brings their own area of expertise ranging from GHG emissions calculations to stakeholder engagement. This breadth of knowledge is valuable not only in conducting assessments but also in advising on revisions to the standard.

There are currently 44 approved assessors from 9 different assessment bodies across the US and Canada. See the full list of assessment bodies here.