Soledad Mills

August 17, 2021

Soledad has spent more than a decade working in corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and socially responsible investment. At Equitable Origin, she is responsible for leading strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and program development to deliver on EO’s mission. Soledad also established and manages EO’s governance, assurance and standard-setting procedures. Prior to joining Equitable Origin, Soledad…

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Heather Jones

Heather has been with Equitable Origin since January 2021. Heather oversees the EO100™ certification program for North American operations and manages operator clients, assessors and stakeholder engagement. With over 15 years of previous experience as an environmental consultant focusing on greenhouse gas climate policy analysis, air quality assessment, and carbon intensity lifecycle studies, Heather brings…

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Kaki Comer

Kaki is pleased to return to the Equitable Origin team after graduating from Duke University in 2020 with a Master’s in Public Policy. She has a background in sustainable development and environmental policy and recently lived in Switzerland while interning for the World Trade Organization, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement. She has also lived in Chile…

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Viktor Kopic

August 4, 2022

Prior to joining Equitable Origin in 2022, Viktor worked as Government Affairs Consultant mitigating risks as well as developing and facilitating relationships between energy industry entities and government officials in the MENA region. His activities also included supervising the implementation of CSR activities and private-public partnership projects addressing indigenous community needs in Sudan, South Sudan,…

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